Size Guidebatsheva

Size is a serious matter yet inconclusive issue. The waist, bust or hips dimensions is not the only issue we should take into consideration while thinking if the cloth will fit.  Thinking in inches only  might cause a wrong decision.

If you check your clothes, assuming they all have the same size, you find out they are not the same,  but still suits you perfectly.  each one will look differently as they have different cut, style and character. Accessories might also contribute changing it from too big to precise.

Speaking about Vintage it complicates eve more. The size shown, if shown, is different from the size we are familiar with now a days.

So I will try to put it into proportion.

The size in Batchinista online shop will be indicated as per this scale, so you could measure yourself and decide in case of a doubt. Please do not decide the size is wrong before you have checked it.

מידה XS S M L XL XXL XL3 XL4
Size (Israeli) 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
EU Size 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40
Bust (cm) 80-84 84-88 88-92 92-98 98-105 105-110 110-115 115-120
Waist (cm) 62-66 66-72 72-78 78-84 84-90 90-96 96-104 104-110
Hip (cm) 84-88 88-92 92-96 96-100 100-105 110-115 110-115 115-120

How to measure?

Always when the cloth is on a straight surface + measure yourself

Bust measurement

Under the armpit stich from side to side x 2

Yourself: around the most noticeable point of the chest, no pressure, continuous and straight

Waist measurement

Measuring the narrowest part x2. If the waist is rubber squeezed  the stretch and adjustment will be noted.

Yourself: in the narrowest place above the navel, under the ribs, no pressure, continuous and straight.

Hip measurement

According to the garment, the body’s structure determines the appropriate place and measure like the bust and the waist x2

Yourself: measuring thw widest part of the thighs( including the buttocks) , continuous and straight


Measuring from the shoulder to the bottom of the garment

I’d be happy to measure any outfit you’d like.

Please do not hesitate.